Magnum Graphite Stealth - NEW LOOK!


Same great paddle you've heard about for years but with a great new look. One ... Read More


Same great paddle you've heard about for years but with a great new look. One of the most decorated paddles ever made by ProLite.  The many national titles won with this paddle speaks for itself.  Drill hard, play hard and be patient.  Your Magnum Graphite will do the rest.

  • Used and endorsed by 6 Time National Champion, Wes Gabrielsen

  • Lightweight responsive graphite carbon fiber face construction meant for high impact shots and ball control

  • The most balanced paddle on the market!

  • Large centered sweet spot

  • Longer handle perfect for the tennis to pickleball convert

  • Optimal blend of balance, touch, and power

  • High Grade Nomex Honeycomb Core

  • Perfectly contoured handle for all grip variations.  A comfortable grip is EVERYTHING!

  • One of a kind PICKLEBALL ONLY tapered end cap allowing for an extra firm hold on paddle resulting in less slippage and more control

  • USAPA Tested and Approved
  • Made in the USA

Product Specifications:

  • Approximate Weight: 6.8 - 7.5 oz

  • Length: 15 1/2" - Width: 7 7/8"

  • Grip Circumference:  4 1/8"

  • Grip Length: 5 1/2"

  • Grip: ProLite Comfort Contour Grip


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Control and Confidence

Posted by John Geers, Feb 2nd 2017
I'm a new player to pickleball and have only played with three different paddles. When purchasing my first paddle I looked for weight and handle size of paddle. I am not disappointed in my selection. I tried my new Magnum yesterday for the first time. My control of serve and volley shots were greatly improved as were my ability to dink. I am very pleased with the Magnum paddle as it has helped me gain confidence to play even the more skilled players. Now just practice, practice, practice and enjoy the good players in Waynesville, NC.


Posted by Nick, Jan 4th 2017
Ordered the 7.5oz version in orange. Man, this paddle is very balanced for its weight. Highly recommended for anyone looking for something versatile to use between singles, doubles and mixed

Pro Lite Graphic Stealth

Posted by Debi, Oct 25th 2016
LOVE this paddle! Its light weight reduces stress on the arm but provides a mighty swing.

Love this!

Posted by K cooper, Aug 27th 2016
After developing tennis elbow, I tried a lot of things to alleviate the pain including rest, Advil, icing, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. All of those treatments did help.....but then a friend lent me her racket....the Pro Lite Magnum...weight 6.7/grip 4 1/8. This paddle has helped my pain to almost disappear. I do get an occasional twinge with a crazy shot here and there...but overall I am so much better that I can play for hours on end with no pain. WOW!!!!!! What a difference a paddle can make!!! I think my other paddle weighed about 7.8 - 8.0 and had a bigger grip. Although the Pro Lite paddle is sold a lot of places, I am so thankful that the company could send me the specified weight I needed in my favorite color. The wonderful person that answered the phone was so nice and completely overwhelmed me by looking for the weight and color. I am delighted!!! So....if you are a player in need of a lighter paddle with a smaller grip....this is the paddle to try! Just make sure you specify the weight you want!!! I am playing my first tournament next week with this new paddle!! Thanks ProLite!

Great Paddle

Posted by Richard Lamb, May 12th 2016
I'm 68 years old and have been playing pickleball for only a few years. I have just purchased a PRO-LITE Magnum Graphite Stealth paddle with a Pro-Lite Diamond Grip and love it. The paddle is light and well balanced, and the grip is extremely comfortable and secure in my hand. I'll be coming back to Pro-Lite for my next paddle for sure.

Great Paddle

Posted by Richard Lamb, May 12th 2016
I'm 68 years old and have just purchased my 2nd

Love it

Posted by Robert, Apr 20th 2016
I've played a little over a year -- a top local player recommend this paddle and offered me an opportunity to play with it along with about a half dozen other paddles for comparison. I am now playing MUCH better and have more confidence and love this paddle!

Great Paddle

Posted by Jacqueline, Feb 10th 2016
We were using wooden paddles and we both now have ProLite paddles and love them both! Light weight and great grip. We upgraded to the gel handle and my husband loves it with his arthritis hands!

my 4th paddle, and the best

Posted by Glenn Mead, Feb 3rd 2016
In the last 18 months I have purchased 4 paddles, and this one is my favorite. The handle is a little bit longer than my others and feels very comfortable. It felt natural from the first time I played with it. I like to try other's paddles when I get a chance. I borrowed a friends Magnum Stealth from a friend and liked it instantly. I did not need to get used to it, it worked for me immediately. Serves, power, returns, dinks and control shots were all better than my other paddles.
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