Titan Pro Black Diamond - Original Look

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 Titan PRO - The First in the Black Diamond Series constructed of the finest materials ... Read More


 Titan PRO - The First in the Black Diamond Series constructed of the finest materials made. Yep, this one is different - from the ground up. It's a technological beauty of a paddle - unlike any other ever created. But more than that, it's the first paddle to incorporate carbon fibers into the paddle face (you can see the fibers). It’s the best of the best in terms of quality design, materials and workmanship. And it’s been a labor of love.

  • 100% Pure high quality carbon fiber surface means better absorption and enhanced spin.
  • Strongest Polymer Core on the market.
  • Large paddle face and balanced sweet spot.
  • Elegant sleek modern look.
  • Quietest paddle for noise restricted communities.
  • Extra low profile edge guard for more surface area and consistent feel.
  • Ideal for fast net play.
  • USAPA Tested and Approved
  • "Green Zone" approved for quiet communities
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Paddle Specs:

  • Light weight from 7.4 oz - 8.0 oz.  
  • Contoured handle for better grip.
  • Grip circumference 4 1/4" - Grip length 5"
  • ProLite's own "No Sweat" Diamond Grip

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Titan paddle

Posted by Janice Dupre, Aug 17th 2017
I have used a Titan paddle for a year now and loved it but at 8.4 I felt it was a little heavy for me. I recently ordered a new one and called directly to get the 7.6 paddle that I wanted. I have been playing with the new one for a week now and I still love the Titan and feel with this one I have a little more hand speed. Thanks to Prolite for being so helpful in getting me what I wanted.

Titan Pro

Posted by Gwen, Jul 21st 2017
Love, love, love this paddle! I have been playing a couple of years and never felt like the other five paddles I have tried "fit". Then I tried the Titan from a friend and within just a few minutes I knew it was the one. It's a complete package for me providing power, spin and great touch at the net. I now have two Titans and the rest have been retired!

Forgiving with great balance

Posted by RC, Jun 12th 2017
I have tried 4 paddles since starting this game. Coming from many years of competitive racquetball, a good paddle helps the transition. The Titan has a great feel, is light enough for quick net play, and solid enough for deep ground strokes. I am not looking for a new paddle now that I have this one.

Titan Pro Black Diamond

Posted by Larry Seick, May 14th 2017
This paddle has lived up to all my expectations so far. I gave it 4 stars because I have only had it for a short time. My soft /dink game has improved greatly. Through time if nothing changes I would rate this 5 starts. A great paddle.

First Week

Posted by Randall, Apr 15th 2017
After using the ProLite Titan paddle for one week I have concluded that this paddle is a good fit for my style of play. You know a new paddle is a good match when you can play your game with only the need for one or two micro adjustments. I tend to overpower my shots and due to the paddle's light weight 7.6 and cushioned core my natural swing keeps the ball in the court. The paddle also absorbs power blasts from opponents well. The Titan allows me more control and touch. There was no component of my game lost choosing this paddle, only components of my game enhanced.

Black Diamond

Posted by Barrington Sharpe Sr., Mar 30th 2017
It has been two weeks since I started playing pickleball and I'm still Learning the game, so far I love the feel of this paddle,as I progress I will be able to give a better review.

Titan Pro

Posted by Pete Woodhead, Mar 13th 2017
Very nice paddle. Light weight and touch. I've exclusively been playing with light Graphite faced paddles since I started playing Pickleball about 3 years ago. This paddle has a Carbon Fiber Face and it does play different. While still quite light (7.5 oz), it has much more pop. This took me a day or two to get accustomed to. Once I did I really liked the control I felt while using this paddle. I bought direct from Pro-Lite. I dealt with Terri and she was very helpful. I recommend the excellent customer service and the Titan Pro.


Posted by Samuel, Feb 22nd 2017
An upgrade to previous paddle. Felt like an old friend the first time I used it. Still getting used to the extra power. Really like the light touch and direction ability.

Titan Pro Paddle

Posted by John Del Rosso, Jan 12th 2017
A must have. Improved dinks, spin and power. I was using a pro lite magnum composite. Also a nice paddle but not in the same class as the Titan. Very nice paddle.
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