Chuck Feinstein

brian-headshot-large-2.pngCHUCK FEINSTEIN

Chuck grew up on the North Side of Chicago, playing Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, & Football almost every day.

As he got older he became hooked on Tennis, Racquetball, Table Tennis & competitive Softball. Then in 2013 he picked up a pickleball paddle and was hooked on yet another sport. Chuck is always busy teaching and promoting, is a USAPA Ambassador... but still finds time to play with the best players in Illinois & Wisconsin at least 3-5 times a week swinging his go-to paddle, the Supernova Pro.

Besides all things Pickleball, Chuck love attending Chicago Cubs games with his daughter Jessica, going for long walks with his dog and rattling off lines from Seinfeld with Neil Friedenberg.

PROLITE Paddle of Choice-Supernova Pro