Cypher Pro - Black Diamond Series

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ProLite's created the Cypher Pro with PowerSource Technology - You have to experience the feel!

Don't be fooled by other companies. You can have POWER and CONTROL in the same paddle. The NEW ProLite Cypher Pro has everything you need for your GAME CHANGER!

For the newest addition to the Black Diamond Series, ProLite has combined its exclusive, top of the line, 100% pure carbon fiber facing material along with the longest paddle shape to provide the most powerful and controlled paddle on the market. No other "long" paddle on the market has engineered the elongated shape to enhance the sweet spot making it even larger than the competition! ProLite's exclusive and superior carbon fiber material dampens the impact and vibration of even the hardest hit by your opponent. The Cypher Pro's unique shape is specifically engineered for POWER! It has more TORQUE than any paddle in pickleball thus creating more head speed through ball contact...POWER. A paddle with more torque squares the paddle face at the moment of impact. Square at impact results in straighter shots...CONTROL. You will absolutely feel the difference. Are you ready to experience the Cypher Pro?

 Paddle Specs:

  • Length: 16 5/8”
  • Width: 7 5/16
  • Weight: 7.5-8.0 oz.
  • Grip: ProLite No Sweat Diamond Grip in Orange or Blue
  • Core: QuadCore™ polymer honeycomb
  • Surface: Carbon Fiber Facing
  • Player Level: Intermediate to advanced
  • Edge Guard: Black poly MicroEdge™ guard
  • Green Zone approved for noise restricted communities
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Since 1984, all ProLite paddles are manufactured in the USA and meet the USAPA's specifications
  • Sweet Spot Diagram (DOWNLOAD)
  • Cypher Spec Sheet (DOWNLOAD)


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Cypher Paddle
Written by Phil on Sep 21st 2018

Great paddle. Superb touch combined with effortless power and added reach. Excellent for doubles and singles play. Net play and dinks are a breeze with this paddle. Highly recommend.

review the Cypher
Written by Sandy Aldinger on Sep 10th 2018

I've only had the opportunity to use my paddle 1 time so far. Still think I'm establishing a relationship with it but this far seemed to be very pleased with my "Cypher". Other players have noticed my paddle and wanted to touch and feel it. They obviously liked the new shape and felt I was getting shots that I may not have gotten with the traditional shaped paddle. So we'll see how I do this week. I'm not some young chick playing pickleball. I am close to 67 y.o.

Written by Nick on Aug 9th 2018

One of the best paddles I have ever played with.

Review of the Cypher
Written by Terry Otis on Jul 7th 2018

Great Paddle! It gives me the edge that I need with the length and it is the perfect weight, not top heavy. I also love the grip, not many paddles have this kind of grip.

Written by Ray Bowman on Jul 2nd 2018

I was hesitant to order this paddle as I hadn’t seen anyone using it on the courts. I made the decision to give it a try, wow am I happy that I did. This paddle has amazing control with plenty of power, provides great spin and feel. By far the best paddle I’ve ever had, worth every penny and more, the only way someone could take it from me is by gunpoint.

Great Paddle
Written by GLENN M CARNES on May 5th 2018

I will buy another one.

Learning Curve
Written by Jim Squire on May 4th 2018

I originally bought these as a reseller. But I took one out of stock & decided to test play it. I haven't as of yet played a game with it. But I have practiced with it, & warmed up a bit. I love the power in the sweet spot! I just have to learn the soft game with it, yet. Ground strokes are lightening bolts. Overhead smash, ditto. Just got to get a better feeling for the third shot drop, & dinking. But it is getting a lot of attention. I've sold one already, and have a couple more customers looking real hard. Love the color combo as well.

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