Groove - for Women


Get a FREE GROOVE SHIRT with every Groove paddle purchase!
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Get a FREE GROOVE SHIRT with every Groove paddle purchase!
Finally, a Pickleball Paddle Made From the Ground Up Specifically for Women! Introducing the Groove. She’s bright, athletic, adapts to a variety of situations and plays to win. "Women don’t want to feel like we’re swinging a club. A paddle should fit our hand, our stature, our style and our personality. It should be competitive and resilient like the women that play with them - and it should look good with our outfits."

From the moderately smaller paddle face, to the slightly smaller grip - its reduced weight and increased hitting power - this is the paddle women pickleball players have waited for. It’s the very first pickleball paddle designed in collaboration with women, and made specifically for them. Oh, and did we mention, the beautiful, fun graphics and colorful grips meant to coordinate with the paddle and apparel? Yes, we tried to cover it all while producing an exquisite playing paddle of the highest quality - made from the ground up – specifically for women.

**For a limited time - every Groove purchase comes with a color coordinated Groove Drifit Shirt (a $20 value)!

  • Highlights:
  • Tapered neck for quicker response
  • Super size sweet spot
  • Extremely balanced with light head weight
  • Durable QuadCore™ polymer technology at its core
  • Tough fiberglass paddle face
  • ProLite's exclusive MicroEdge™ guard
  • Since 1984, all ProLite paddles are manufactured in the USA and meet the USAPA's specifications
  • "Green Zone" approved for quiet communities
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Paddle Specs:

  • Length: 15 1/2"  Width: 7 13/16"
  • Weight 7.4-7.8 ounces
  • Grip circumference 4 3/16"
  • Contoured handle with color coordinated ProLite No-Slip Thin Grip

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Groove Paddle

Posted by Lynn G Dillon, Jan 30th 2017
I love Prolite paddles and the Groove is no exception. I have tried other paddles and keep coming back to the Prolite paddles I own (3). The Groove paddle and the no sweat grip I chose is awesome. I love the matching shirt, too! Thanks Prolite!

Groove Paddle

Posted by Pat, Jan 23rd 2017
I love my new Groove paddle. It has good control and enough "pop" when needed. I also like the fun colors and design. Great to play with!

Groove Paddle for Women

Posted by Kakie, Dec 11th 2016
Just played with my new Groove paddle on our Sunday ladder team!! It was lightweight to my likes, the handle was very comfortable for serves, and to my surprise, my angle shots were sharper, and shots sounder. I'm sure I will keep liking it as I get used to playing with it.


Posted by Maureen, Dec 6th 2016
I appreciate that there is a paddle designed for women that doesn't have to be pink Yet pink is there for those who like it. I have used it for two weeks and really like the weight and ball control Highly recommended


Posted by June, Nov 29th 2016
I really like the weight of this paddle and the colors are fabulous.

The Groove Paddle

Posted by Amy Tomlinson, Nov 24th 2016
I love this paddle! The weight seems to be just right at 7.8 oz. The face is very responsive - I feel like I don't have to swing as hard to get shots deep. I really like the grip - it has four distinct sides, which allows me to have a better feel for the angle of the club face. I ordered the Mediterranean Sunrise color scheme and everyone has commented on how great it looks. The complimentary shirt is a nice bonus in the deal! Thanks Pro-lite!

Love it!

Posted by Sheri, Nov 23rd 2016
My elbow use to hurt during play with my other paddle, not one! Really love the weight and feel.

Groove paddle for women

Posted by Anita Germain, Nov 20th 2016
This paddle felt great the first time I held it! Absolutely love playing with it!


Posted by Amber, Nov 7th 2016
Great paddle. Looks good and feels good too! Definite recommend for anyone looking for a comfortable and dependable paddle.
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