Jacob Noble


Jacob was an all-state baseball player and is the all-time leading scorer in basketball at South Stanly High School in Norwood. He played baseball at UNCC, then unnamed.jpgpicked up golf and became a scratch golfer in 3 years. So, the boy has some athletic talent! He was introduced to pickleball in July 2014 by long-time friend and little league baseball teammate Kyle Marks at the Stanly County YMCA in Albemarle. He says, "I became hooked when our YMCA created a ladder league and I was able to fill my appetite for competition on a weekly basis, playing with a wooden paddle for the entire first year. I had never played a racquet sport competitively and loved the fast pace of the hard game in pickleball. I was getting abused by a number of players with tennis backgrounds and no one in the entire 50-man league knew what a dink or third shot drop was. I didn't either until I entered my first tournament, the Holiday Smash in 2015, and John Stevens pulled me to the side (after destroying me) and explained the value of a third shot drop and what a dink is."

When not on the courts or working at his job as a Project Manager with ALDI, Jacob enjoys spending time with and supporting his 14-year old daughter Jacy, an accomplished athlete in her own right, competing in tennis, cross country, basketball, track, and sand volleyball in her freshman year at his alma mater South Stanly HS.

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