Jeff Christensen


In reality, I am not really a "pro" pickleball player, but I represent most of what pickleball is. I'm a regular guy, a
family man, and one of the many jf.jpgpickleball addicts across the nation. As a child of the 80’s I spent my time dreaming of owning a sick BMX bike ( a pink GT Performer to be exact), collecting cards and collecting trophy’s on the Hoop It Up courts. As I got older, I owned my own flooring business, got asked to guest star on The Jerry Springer Show and dabbled in the world of professional bass fishing. I never expected my next endeavor to be this sport called pickleball. My pickleball journey started over 4 years ago. In 2014 my son Odin, age 3 at the time, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. After his diagnosis I was searching online for backpacks to carry his diabetic supplies. While doing so, I found something called a pickleball bag. Intrigued, I googled what pickleball was and became instantly drawn to the game. I ordered paddles for my wife and I and within weeks we started playing and haven’t stopped. My daughter,Lilly, and Odin love playing as well. I also have Type 1 diabetes and playing pickleball has enabled me to exercise and stay healthy playing a sport I love. Juvenile diabetes is a cause close to our family. Here is a link where you can learn about Type 1 diabetes and make donations to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.


PROLITE Paddle of Choice-Titan Pro being awesome