Pickle Preferred - Rugged Pro | Rebound & Reflex | Outdoor Pickleballs 3-Pack

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Pickle Preferred Rugged Pro 40 Hole Outdoor Pickleball - 3 Pack

The Rugged Pro Outdoor Balls were created for smooth and controlled rebound shots, and to allow more power to be put into your swing. These pickleballs are perfect for the recreational player, elderly player, or beginner player due to the bounce it has, providing a more enjoyable game that allows longer rallies! Customers keep complimenting us on how they last longer and don't crack after a few matches compared to the other guys, and are more DURAable than the competition.

Why the Rugged Pro?

  • RUGGED PRO DURABILITY - Designed to play longer and harder, the Rugged Pro balls give a soft touch while maintaining a durable performance.
  • OUTDOOR PLAY - These 40 hole balls are designed to perform on multiple outdoor surfaces.
  • PEAK PERFORMANCE - Whether you use the Rugged Pro for tournament play or friendly matches these balls will outlast the competition.
  • REBOUND & REFLEX - The Rugged Pro is designed with the recreational player in mind, with superior rebound you get a consistent play with no breaking-in period.
  • TESTED - Hours of testing on and off the courts have gone into the Rugged Pro to ensure consistent performance for all of your matches.