ProLite "No Sweat" Diamond Pickleball Paddle Grip

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Exclusive ProLite "No Sweat" Diamond Pickleball Paddle Grip

  • Designed for ultimate tackiness that channels sweat away from your grip.  The BEST grip for sweaty conditions!
  • Aggressive diamond shaped traction designed for maximum control and less twisting in hand during ball contact
  • Cushioned surface offers comfort and a firmer feel
  • Rubberized soft feel increasing your firm hold of the paddle 
  • No grip on the market comes close to the comfort, strength, and durability of the NoSweat Diamond


  • White
  • Tangerine
  • Lime
  • Hot Pink
  • Blue
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Diamond Grips
Written by Barry on Nov 24th 2017

These are the only grips I will use. Everyone who has used my paddles love these grips.

No Sweat Diamond Grip
Written by Jim Squire on Aug 10th 2017

I really like this grip. I have it on my titan. And I have re-gripped two of my other paddles with this grip. Real comfortable, with good cushioning, & tack. And so far, they(the grips) seem to be holding up real well also. And I play about fours a day, five to six days a week. So they get used a pretty fair amount.

Diamond grip
Written by Samuel on Feb 22nd 2017

First paddle I have re-gripped and it was simple. The feel, texture & moisture free grip is just what I was looking for.

New grip...
Written by Patricia Staley on Feb 21st 2017

So easy to apply and feels sooooo good! Very reasonable price. I ordered 2 and so glad I did. I have one to spare for future.

Diamond grip
Written by Paula T. Carter on Jan 26th 2017

I love using the diamond grip! NO SWEAT!!! I think this grip should be placed on all paddles! Just saying!

Pro Lite No Sweat Grip
Written by Philip Coraggio on Dec 22nd 2016

I have this grip on my Titan Black Diamond paddle and bought several of them to place grips on my other paddles. Excellent grip for warm weather.

A New Grig
Written by judy hauser on Jul 12th 2016

My paddle grip started to fall off my paddle. A friend sent me a link to a video showing how to replace the grip and it looked very easy. I ordered the grip and put it on in about 5 minutes. I ordered an extra grip to have "just in case" - the shipping was almost the cost of one grip so that made sense.

Written by John on Jul 7th 2016

My old paddle grip was getting old and needed replacement. I saw an advertisement for the new Pro-Lite Grip and decided to give it a try. Took just a minute to put on paddle and now it feels almost new. Great grip and provides great sweat control. My paddle no longer slips in my hand. Thanks for providing a great new grip!!

Love my new Diamond grip
Written by Christine M. Torrance Ca. on Jun 14th 2016

I was having trouble with a sweaty grip after hours of play. Then I saw pro Sarah A. in a youtube video talking about the diamond grip. She made it look so easy to replace myself. So I purchased and have replaced the grips MYSELF on my 2 favorite paddles. I recommend the diamond grip to anyone with the same sweaty palm issue.

love this grip.
Written by undefined on Jun 3rd 2016

I'm so happy I was able to find this grip, for an older but great paddle. Looking forward to some great games. Living in warm Florida I'm sure this grip is going to do its job. The installation was easy, no problems at all.

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