ProLite "No Sweat" Diamond Pickleball Paddle Grip


Exclusive ProLite "No Sweat" Diamond Pickleball Paddle Grip

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Exclusive ProLite "No Sweat" Diamond Pickleball Paddle Grip

  • Designed for ultimate tackiness that channels sweat away from your grip.  The BEST grip for sweaty conditions!
  • Aggressive diamond shaped traction designed for maximum control and less twisting in hand during ball contact
  • Cushioned surface offers comfort and a firmer feel
  • Rubberized soft feel increasing your firm hold of the paddle 
  • No grip on the market comes close to the comfort, strength, and durability of the NoSweat Diamond


  • White
  • Tangerine
  • Lime
  • Hot Pink





Diamond Grips

Posted by Barry, Nov 24th 2017
These are the only grips I will use. Everyone who has used my paddles love these grips.

No Sweat Diamond Grip

Posted by Jim Squire, Aug 10th 2017
I really like this grip. I have it on my titan. And I have re-gripped two of my other paddles with this grip. Real comfortable, with good cushioning, & tack. And so far, they(the grips) seem to be holding up real well also. And I play about fours a day, five to six days a week. So they get used a pretty fair amount.

Diamond grip

Posted by Samuel, Feb 22nd 2017
First paddle I have re-gripped and it was simple. The feel, texture & moisture free grip is just what I was looking for.

New grip...

Posted by Patricia Staley, Feb 21st 2017
So easy to apply and feels sooooo good! Very reasonable price. I ordered 2 and so glad I did. I have one to spare for future.

Diamond grip

Posted by Paula T. Carter, Jan 26th 2017
I love using the diamond grip! NO SWEAT!!! I think this grip should be placed on all paddles! Just saying!

Pro Lite No Sweat Grip

Posted by Philip Coraggio, Dec 22nd 2016
I have this grip on my Titan Black Diamond paddle and bought several of them to place grips on my other paddles. Excellent grip for warm weather.

A New Grig

Posted by judy hauser, Jul 12th 2016
My paddle grip started to fall off my paddle. A friend sent me a link to a video showing how to replace the grip and it looked very easy. I ordered the grip and put it on in about 5 minutes. I ordered an extra grip to have "just in case" - the shipping was almost the cost of one grip so that made sense.


Posted by John, Jul 7th 2016
My old paddle grip was getting old and needed replacement. I saw an advertisement for the new Pro-Lite Grip and decided to give it a try. Took just a minute to put on paddle and now it feels almost new. Great grip and provides great sweat control. My paddle no longer slips in my hand. Thanks for providing a great new grip!!

Love my new Diamond grip

Posted by Christine M. Torrance Ca., Jun 14th 2016
I was having trouble with a sweaty grip after hours of play. Then I saw pro Sarah A. in a youtube video talking about the diamond grip. She made it look so easy to replace myself. So I purchased and have replaced the grips MYSELF on my 2 favorite paddles. I recommend the diamond grip to anyone with the same sweaty palm issue.
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