Rebel PowerSpin

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Rebel PowerSpin

Designed for pickleball players with an attitude, a chip on their shoulder, and a rebellious personality. The Rebel PowerSpin name says it all! This paddle is a Powerhouse. A Tennis to Pickleball convert's dream paddle. The Rebel has a comfortable handle wrapped with PROLITE’s Comfort Contour Cushion grip - you’ll not only look great on the court, you’ll stay cool as ice. Boasting an extra-long 16" reach, weight distribution towards the head of the paddle and weighing in between 7.8-8.3 ounces, you will undoubtedly feel the power at impact. 

Re-Bel Against the Norm! Besides, Normal is Boring.

 Paddle Specs

  • Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Facing: Fiberglass with SpinTac Surface Technology
  • Extra-long paddle face for enhanced reach
  • Length: 16"
  • Width: 7 13/16"
  • Weight: 7.9-8.3 oz.
  • Grip: PROLITE Comfort Contour Grip
  • Grip Circumference: 4 1/4" Length: 5"
  • Low Profile Tapered Edge
  • Noise Approved Pickleball Communities
  • Manufactured in the USA and meets the USAPA's specifications


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  • 5
    Rebel Powerspin - USA Model

    Posted by James S. on Feb 22nd 2020

    I am a big fan of the Rebel Powerspin paddle by ProLite. I did a demo of several paddles when I first started playing pickleball over 3 years ago and to this day I've continued to use the Rebel Powerspin as my preferred pickleball paddle. It has great spin and power while also retaining good control at the net as well as providing more reach capabilities with its longer design. When I saw the design on the USA model Rebel Powerspin I knew I had to try it out. The paddle I received was 8.3 ounces and was noticeably more solid and controllable than my other 7.9 ounce regular model Rebel Powerspin. I really find the USA model to be better on more windy days or while playing singles games. It also has a great visual design to it! I just found out that Prolite has created a new Rebel Powerspin with a carbon fiber face and I know what my next purchase is going to be soon! =)

  • 5
    Perfectly Balanced Spin, Power, Touch

    Posted by Mike Bertello on Jan 8th 2020

    I use a ton of spin in my game. I've used other paddles that help with spin, but I have to give up power or touch. The Rebel allows me to put a ton of spin on the return serves and then transition to an accurate dink or bang. The width of the paddle is slightly more narrow than other paddles, but it is also slightly longer. That tiny difference allows just a little more snap in the returns.

  • 5

    Posted by Branch Lew on Sep 8th 2019

    I never got the koozie or sweatband, but the paddle is great.

  • 5
    Evolved My Game

    Posted by Brett Lewis on Apr 14th 2019

    Before I was introduced to the ProLite Rebel, I was exclusively playing recreational pickleball and just stagnating as a player. I spent well over a year at the same skill level not knowing any more serious play or awesome equipment was even out there. Thank goodness a close friend put the Rebel in my hand and brought me into the competitive world!

    In the months that followed, my game completely evolved and took off. The touch and control that the Rebel provides is amazing, and completely helped me to unlock a finer soft-game. And it certainly does not lack in power either, as it brings a fresh 'pop' to aggressive shots and ups the pace on the ball. If you like to spin the ball like I do, the Rebel grips the ball and really adds to your slice effectiveness and accuracy.

    Can't thank my buddy enough for showing me this awesome paddle and upping my game. All in all, I love the Rebel and would recommend it to anyone. Great stuff!

  • 4
    This paddle fit me perfect.i was amazed because I had been playing with the same paddle for 4 years and never thought I would find another paddle so quickly that I love.

    Posted by Janice Leblanc on Mar 24th 2019

    Thank you for great customer service.

  • 5
    Prolite Rebel

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 19th 2019

    Had been playing with the Titan and the Cypher. Borrowed a friend’s Rebel and liked it. I bought a Rebel in mid December. I love the shape and power. The spin is good. I miss the control the carbon fiber provides. I would love to see the Rebel shape with carbon fiber for added touch.

  • 4
    ProLite Rebel

    Posted by Brian Jacobs on Jan 5th 2019

    I've had this paddle for about 3 months now, and I can say that it's the most solid paddle I've played with. Even when I miss hit a ball and catch it near the frame the hit still feels solid in my hand. However, I thought balls would spin better off of this paddle, but I've found the opposite is true. It's more of a power paddle than a spin paddle so if you're a harder hitting player who takes their hacks at the ball, you may find yourself hitting quite a few out, especially when hitting outdoor balls. I'll give it 4/5 stars.

  • 5
    Just Awesome

    Posted by Ben H on Dec 18th 2018

    I tried this, then the competition, I then came back to the Rebel and haven't been able to put it down. Great control without sacrificing power. I just ordered a spare as a backup.

  • 5
    Rebel Review

    Posted by Gabe Watson on Aug 5th 2018

    I highly recommend the Rebel paddle to players of all levels. To me, it is the best paddle on the market.