Rebel PowerSpin


Designed for pickleball players with that non-conforming, non-traditional attitude, the Rebel Pow ... Read More


Designed for pickleball players with that non-conforming, non-traditional attitude, the Rebel PowerSpin name says it all! We think of it as the James Dean of pickleball. With a sexy shape covered in colorful, bold graphics - and comfortable handle wrapped with ProLite’s comfort contour grip - you’ll not only look great on the court, you’ll stay cool as ice. And while the Rebel has that put together look - there’s substance behind this handsome face. Boasting an extra-long 16 inch reach, perfect balance and light 7.7-8.1 ounce weight, you'll never have to say stop. Play all day long in your own style with Rebel’s polymer core and textured fiberglass hitting surface with fantastic PowerSpin™ control, and deliver the goods with a soft touch or rowdy punch. 

  • QuadCore™ polymer – the strongest, quietest, lightest and most durable on the market
  • MicroEdge™ guard for more surface area and consistent feel
  • Quiet play for noise restricted communities
  • The Rebel is at the absolute maximum allowed in size
  • Variety of colors; Dean Red/Cash Black, Bowie Blue/Jagger Green, Blondie Yellow/Prince Purple and Ali Gray/Morrison Blue
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Since 1984, all ProLite paddles are manufactured in the USA and meet the USAPA's specifications
  • "Green Zone" approved for quiet communities


  • Textured PowerSpin™ paddle surface
  • Extra-long 16” paddle face for enhanced spin control
  • Lightweight ranging from 7.7 - 8.1 ounces
  • Contoured handle with ProLite’s Comfort Contour™ grip for better control
  • Grip circumference 4 1/4" - length 5"

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Prolite Rebel

Posted by Lisa G, Dec 13th 2017
Absolutely love the Prolite Rebel! I’ve only had it a few short weeks and have already noticed a tremendous improvement in my game! Provides the power I like but allows for beautiful controlled soft dinks! Weight is perfect for me and I love the lower profile edging. My all time favorite paddle I’ve ever played with!!!

Rebel Paddle

Posted by Susan White, Aug 4th 2017
I got the purple with yellow ball. It is a little heavier than I am use to but I really like it. I up graded the grip and really like the feel and no sweat. I really like the longer length to get some of the shots I miss with shorter paddle. Good control for all shots. So far I am very happy with my purchase.

Rebel paddle review

Posted by James Squire, Jun 30th 2017
I bought the paddle for my girlfriend's birthday. Which was yesterday(June 29th). And she took it out to play at this morning's session. She absolutely loved the paddle. She said the weight was perfect. And the pop of the ball off the paddle was impressive. She is a very good player, and was really impressed with the overall performance of the paddle. She also thought the grip was very comfortable, as she has longer fingers. She has the diamond grip on her old paddle. So she is familiar with how nice Pro Lite grips feel. Plus, she really liked the color, as it matched her court shoes. Women!

Rebel brings new dimension

Posted by Steve Eikenberry, May 20th 2017
I recently purchased a Rebel after using the Blaster for several years. I'm an advanced player. I was surprised and delighted at the control the Rebel gave me, especially on dinks. I also noticed my hard power shots to the back line needed some adjustment with the Rebel. The spin off the Rebel can create diversion to the flight of a long hard shot. But overall, I'm very happy with the new found control of this paddle. I also like the balance and the wee bit longer profile...helps me reach some shots I otherwise would have missed.

Pro-Lite Rebel

Posted by Joe, May 2nd 2017
Excellent paddle...just what I was hoping for. Light, solid and good "pop". I prefer the soft game and this performs well...also gives me the power to finish a point when I get the opportunity.

Rebel PowerSpin

Posted by Sue, Jan 12th 2017
Love the Apex, but am playing in a sanctioned tournament soon and needed a sanctioned paddle. Prolite customer service recommended the Rebel PowerSpin. Got it in two days! I love the feel. Just started playing with it. So far, five stars.

Rebel power spin

Posted by Mike peterson, Dec 14th 2016
Great paddle. Good control power. Our club is trying to teach more dinking paddle excellent for this.

Rebel Power Spin

Posted by Randy J Klockow, Dec 6th 2016
First real upgrade since I started playing. Seems like a real nice paddle and I'm sure once I start getting better I'll have a more educated opinion about it, but, so far so good.


Posted by Dale, Oct 20th 2016
I have always been a power player who is learning how to dink. This paddle has plenty of pop and yet the control to hit the soft shots as well. I love this paddle!
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