Saumitra Korgaonkar


Sports has always been part of Saumitra's DNA, from playing gully cricket in Mumbai (India) to racket sports like badminton. He was first introduced to pickleball in 2014 at ClubMK and instantly got addicted to the game.

Pickleball has become a stress buster in Saumitra's life, as well as keeping him fit. With the kind of busy work schedule he has, he always looks forward to the weekends to play with his ClubMK buddies from Mumbai.

Earning a silver medal in Men's 4.5 in his debut tournament at the 2017 Gamma Pickleball Classic has been Saumitra's best Pickleball moment so far to date.

The ProLite Supernova has been Saumitra's choice as the long handle improves the control he needs to do battle on the court.