Do You Remember When the Pickleball Bug Bit You?

Do You Remember When the Pickleball Bug Bit You?

Posted by Marcus Luke on Jul 1st 2019

I hope everyone remembers the first time the Pickleball bug bit you! For me, it was at our local Y, where after months of hounding from some of the players I finally gave in and played my first game.

I recall walking out on the court to an abundance of smiles plastered on every players face. This was and still is a common theme. I was given a paddle by one of the other players and before I knew it someone was yelling 0-0-Start! I shook my head and thought “What?” The score was one of the many eccentric elements that added to the mystique that “hooked” so many of us! And don’t even get me started on the Kitchen, or the No Volley Zone for the ones that tried to make the game more “like a real sport”. Believe me, it’s a real sport and I still call it the Kitchen. I walked off the court that first day tired, sweaty, impressed while realizing one thing, and that was I couldn’t wait to play again!

The Pickleball Bug infected me more than most. I played daily, sometimes twice a day. The more that I played, the more I wanted to meet people that were suffering from the same “addiction”. No matter where I found myself playing, the theme was a common one, smiles, laughter, friendships, fun. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is also the competitive element but it’s held in check for the most part!
Fast forward 4 years and I’m still addicted to the sport with the crazy name! I’ve met some of the best people,have friends for life from coast to coast. I refer to them as my “Pickleball Family”. I still look forward to the NEXT time I get to play and on top of all these blessings, I’m extremely lucky to be associated with PROLITE, a company that wants everybody to experience that “First Time Feeling” and help them become lifelong addicts! They believe in Family, they honor the spirit of the sport by welcoming New Players into the sport AND THEN following those players through their Pickleball Journey. They don’t care if that journey ends at the Pro level or you plateau at a 3.5. What they care about is making sure you take the journey and have a blast the entire time!


If anyone wants to know more about this great sport or you are already addicted and need some support, let myself or your nearest PROLITE rep know. See you all on a pickleball court soon!