Growing Pickleball at the Grassroots Level

Growing Pickleball at the Grassroots Level

Posted by Marcus Luke on Oct 29th 2019

In the upcoming week, a group of 2,330 Pickleballers converge on Indian Wells, California to take part in the USAPA Nationals! A big deal, for sure, and we wish everyone the best of luck in the events they are competing!

We are hoping, as the matches are being played at Indian Wells, being streamed live to all ends of the earth, posted on everyone’s Social Media accounts, the remaining 4 million plus players that aren’t playing at Nationals take this time to celebrate the sport in their own way.

Let’s make a point to GROW THE GAME!! During the week of Nationals, let’s all set out to plant a “Pickleball” seed and watch as the sports thrives where that seed is planted. Nurture the seed and take ownership of what becomes of it! That is YOUR Nationals! Live stream the results, post the pics!! The live stream might be four beginners stepping on the court for the first time. They may never have heard of Nationals. That means their smiles are their medals. They played to PLAY. The only expectation was to have FUN!!

Let’s each try to introduce 1 new player to the game during the week of Nationals! Let’s take it a step further and make it a point to play on a court of a lower skill level at least once for each day you play during Nationals! Seeds planted! Sport growing!! Enjoy the harvest!!

Growing Pickleball at the Grassroots level is very important for the sport and PROLITE, being the Legacy brand, takes it seriously as Pickleball continues to develop, branch out and take on a different personality.

PROLITE never wants Our favorite sport to lose that original “FEEL” someone experienced when they first played this quirky game of Pickleball!

Time to celebrate the Pickleball Nationally during Nationals!! Join PROLITE as we make a positive difference!