In Good Company

In Good Company

Posted by Marcus Luke on Oct 2nd 2019

Waking up this morning, I started the day like most. A cup of coffee, a shower and then to the closet to get ready to head out and play some Pickleball with the crew. Deciding on which shirt to wear, it always make me feel good to grab a shirt displaying the Iconic Ball and Bolt logo, put it on and head to battle.

Out the door, I say hey to my neighbor getting out of his sweet new Mercedes he bought this weekend. I took a couple of minutes to let him show me his ride. I’m not a big car guy, but I knew his ride immediately by that Iconic logo Mercedes has put on EVERY grill of every car off their assembly line since 1910!!

I drive off in my Toyota Camry and realize I need a little petro or I was going to be stranded on the side of the road before I made it to the pickleball courts!! Luckily I saw off in the very near distance, the very familiar Shell logo and made it there with fumes to spare. That logo has been visible to travelers looking for gas since the early 1900’s!!

Unplanned, right next to the Shell station we’re the Golden Arches letting me know McDonalds was steps away. I took those steps and got me an Egg McMuffin and a Coke Zero. In 1952, when the Golden Arches first were raised to the sky, they didn’t serve Coke Zero, but they did serve Coca-Cola at .5 cents. The Coca-Cola Logo had already been around over 50 years when the first McDonalds opened and I’m sure no one could have foreseen how two of the most successful companies ever with the most Iconic logos ever would be doing in the year 2019. News Flash-They are killing it!! No re-branding! They just keep on keeping on!!

Finally on the last stretch to the courts I find my self chuckling a little as I think back to a Bugs Bunny cartoon that I saw on tv as I was getting ready! Amazing that a cartoon from the 1950’s can still do that, and that their WB logo, around since 1923 has stood the test of time!! Produce quality and build a Legacy, good things happen!!
I pull in, bend down to lace up my black Nike shoes! Talk about recognized branding!!!! The Swoosh logo has adorned shoes since 1971!! Phil Knight knows that the Swoosh IS Nike!! More importantly, consumers know the Swoosh is Nike!!

I reach in my bag, pull out my PROLITE Rebel and smile!! Smile for two reasons!! One, I’m walking onto a Pickleball court and two, I’m playing with a paddle branded with This Sports ICONIC, LEGACY logo! Since 1984, the Ball and Bolt has been displayed proudly on Prolite Products. Players and the world of Pickleball consumers know the Ball and Bolt is PROLITE!! It stands for quality, history, integrity, American made, no fluff Paddles and accessories! That’s what’s most important to us!!