Love your Pickleball Paddle. 5 Valentine’s Day Tips for Extending the Love Affair.

Ever wonder about the life of your pickleball paddle - how long it should last, or if you should do anything to take better care of it? Will it develop dead spots or weaken over time?

Yes, your pickleball paddle can die – particularly if you use it for 12+ hours a week 52 weeks of the year. If you’ve noticed that it’s sounding different or it isn’t as responsive and your friend’s new paddle, it may be time to ditch it. Besides, the new models have been calling your name.

When you 
DO pick up that new paddle, here are a few tips to increase its lifespan – and extend that love affair with it.

1) Cleaning your paddle is a good habit to get into. Wiping the face off with a Wet Wipe or Windex Wipe will remove the dirt particles from the tiny pores on the facing material – making the graphics appear brighter and increasing its life.

2) You don’t leave your pet in the car all day and night – follow that same protocol with your paddle. Extreme heat or cold can have negative effects on the materials, glues and inks. If you want it to look good and last longer – bring it inside daily.

3) Be nice to your paddle. Don’t beat it on the ground, hit it against your leg in frustration, toss it into the net, hurl it at the fence, smack the edge on the top rail, kick it across the court – or worse. Not only will you do damage, you’ll likely void your warranty. just looks bad and screams temper tantrum.

4) We suggest writing your name on your paddle. Inadvertently, someone may pick it up or you may leave it somewhere. Maybe someone will just love it as much as you do – anyway, it’s always good to have a distinguishing mark or better yet – your name and phone number on it.

5) Lastly, re-grip your paddle from time to time. Grips get funky, slimy and dirty - not to mention, they lose their tackiness. If you aren't sure you can put your own grip on - check out this video with owner, Neil Friedenberg.

As always, “REVERE THE GEAR”!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!