Pickleball Pro Simone Jardim & Paddle Manufacturer ProLite Sports Team Up to Help Naples and Bonita Springs After Hurricane Irma

While Naples and Bonita Springs are thought of as two of the wealthiest areas on the west coast of Florida, there are thousands of underprivileged families that live there and provide all types of services. For these folks, hurricane Irma has been a tough hardship - and in some cases - total devastation. 

Many have been left homeless - there are still hundreds without power and the bare essentials, food and water. Many have lost their clothing, furnishings and their homes altogether. And while it's been weeks since the storm, the struggles continue.

Please help Simone Jardim and ProLite by visiting our GoFundMe page and making a donation. ProLite Sports will kick things off by donating $500. Donated funds will be given directly to the local Big Brothers - Big Sisters charities for speedy relief to help these victims.

ProLite is kicking off the fund raising effort by contributing $500. We encourage you or your clubs to match or exceed our contribution if you can.

Any donation of $500 or more will automatically be entered in a drawing for a coveted ProLite Tournament Bag and a vintage ProLite (Ultra-Lite) paddle. This is a 1984 model in "like new" condition. Both of these items are perfect additions to a personal collection, pickleball enthusiasts or club - or a sports museum.

Click here to visit the GoFundMe page and make a donation.