PROLITE at the 2019 US OPEN

PROLITE at the 2019 US OPEN

May 15th 2019

One of the largest and most anticipated events in Pickleball, the US Open, just took place two weeks ago in the gorgeous city of Naples, Florida. The Pickleball world converged on this normally quiet seaside destination and PROLITE was front and center for all the action!!

No event of this size would be considered LEGIT unless the Ball and Bolt of the PROLITE Brand was there, representing the Legacy of the sport and reminding all of the tournament goers taking part in this whirlwind of growth, that PROLITE was there and continues to be a leader in the sport of pickleball.

The company, the PROLITE FAMILY, led by Neil Friedenberg, made the trip down from their Wisconsin based headquarters to enjoy the week in the Florida sun. Julie Fiebig, Neil’s sister and graphics genius, also came down. FAMILY!! Phil Larsson, along with his sons, Stellan and Leo, enjoyed the moments, not getting too bogged down with the stuff that doesn’t matter. TEAM!! FAMILY is what counts!!

On the courts and the grounds PROLITE was represented by the BEST in the sport!! Our version of the Energizer Bunny, Deb Harrison, led the way with 5 Medals in 5 events!! Talk about “Taking Care of Business”!! Brian “Beardy” Ashworth grabbed a Silver with Kyle Yates in Men’s 19+ Doubles! Zane Navratil snagged a Bronze in the 19+ Mixed Doubles with Kasandra Gehrke. Cliff Williams and Erica Frantz won Bronze in 40+ Mixed!! FAMILY!! I could go ON AND ON!!! The Medals are always great rewards for hard work, but SO many players represented the brand with HEART, leaving everything they had on the court. Efforts that might not have produced a medal, but the feeling of accomplishment was just the same!

Even though all of the names aren’t listed of all the players that honor us by choosing to play with our paddles, our gratitude towards each and every one of you is still immense. The PROLITE Family is BLESSED to have so many dedicated, hardworking “PROS” that spend their time on the court playing with a PROLITE Branded paddle!!

We LOVE our PROLITE Family and look forward to seeing what you all do in the future, both ON and OFF the courts!!

See you at the Open 2020!!