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usapa pickleball prolite Jun 25th 2016


THE RESULTS ARE IN!USAPA Are You Listening?Evolve or Dissolve.The survey is closed and, as promised, we have the results to share with you. You can draw your own conclusion  - but whatever that is, we encourage you to let the USAPA Board know your thoughts on the matter. Without further adieu.
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The USAPA and Moving Forward

Rather than write another counterpoint to the USAPA Board’s response (which is way off base) we really want to work toward the betterment of the sport - its rules and processes. That has been our main objective from the beginning.Our survey is well underway – thanks to all participants. Please c
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USAPA prolite pickleball Jun 18th 2016

The APEX Pickleball Paddle Saga and the USAPA

WHAT’S IN A NAME? (The saga behind the ProLite APEX pickleball paddle.)The answer to the question is “apparently a lot”. But before we can explain the saga, we need to explain a bit about the USAPA Board. What many people don’t know is that this is a board comprised of a variety of part-timers -
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USAPA Pro-Lite Sports May 27th 2015

What's right? What's wrong?

I recently had the chance to talk to a top ranked pickleball player who's name I will leave unmentioned and we had an excellent, mind blowing conversation about positive thinking.  It made me realize so many things not just about pickleball, but more importantly, people and our differences. &nb
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Pro-Lite Sports-Who are we?

In 1984 the Ultra Lite Paddle Company began production of the very first composite pickleball paddle and never looked back. This paddle was the first of its kind, an innovation that revolutionized the sport and the pickleball paddle industry. Pro-Lite Sports is 100% dedicated to the sport of pickleb
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