Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow

Posted by Neil Friedenberg on Feb 2nd 2020

Ever have tennis elbow? If you have, you know how painful it can be. Currently, I myself am still working on having the pain completely go away. We see it among many of the racquet sports and of course in the pickleball world. I have also noticed that some companies use it as a way to market their products. One company in particular markets their paddle as product that can reduce the occurrence of tennis elbow. In all honesty, that is certainly one way to market your product and not a bad strategy at all. With that said, this might be an opportunity to also mention that the entire BDS (Black Diamond Series) paddle line does exactly this. But, before saying this, you have to understand what cause tennis elbow in racquet sports or in general. I found a great link to understanding it better.

Aid My Tennis Elbow

Grip Pressure-Squeezing too tightly can cause tension across the tendons. To avoid this, you can use a thicker or softer grip that prevents you from over squeezing.

Vibration absorption-Less vibration at impact of the ball can certainly aid in prevention. Different paddles obviously have different characteristics and attributes. Among our line, the BDS paddles have primary characteristics that aid in better vibration absorption starting with the rare carbon fiber we use. At impact, the vibration is quickly absorbed making for a very solid, softer feel. Any vibration that does not immediately get absorbed dissipates after vibration waves hit the edges/edge guard. The edge guard also helps. One of the many reasons we feel an edge guard on a paddle is a positive.

Don't underestimate tennis elbow.  It can happen to anyone so understand it, take care of the pain, and get back to enjoying the greatest game on the planet!