​What Is Wrong with PROLITE?

​What Is Wrong with PROLITE?

Posted by Neil Friedenberg on Jan 2nd 2019

Many people have asked us why PROLITE isn't sponsoring people in tournaments as they always had in the past? Is there something wrong with PROLITE?

Let us first say we thank you for your interest in our company. Second, business has never been better. We continue to produce the highest quality pickleball paddles in the sport. We've moved our production to a larger facility to accommodate our growth this last year. Bigger facility, more innovation, and more new customers served in numerous countries. Pickleball is growing globally and so are we.

So what about tournaments and professional player sponsorships. PROLITE has indeed cut many ties with past great champions, but keeps a very special few that we believe represent the heart and soul of our brand. That heart and soul is giving the game to others, at no cost except some personal time and the love for our wonderful sport. PROLITE has made the decision to use monies to teach children and others to learn pickleball instead of paying salaries of several athletes to play in tournaments. It was an important decision we believe in as stewards of the game to give of ourselves freely to teach at no cost to others. The lifeblood of our game lives in the smiles and good feelings in the new players around the World learning our beloved sport.

We look forward to seeing you all at tournaments across the US, Canada, Europe, and many other international locations. And if by chance you have a free moment in your day, take that time to teach a new player a few things on the pickleball court. We will be there cheering you on in your decision to give our games away to others.

Warmest Regards,