The APEX Pickleball Paddle Saga and the USAPA

The APEX Pickleball Paddle Saga and the USAPA

Posted by The PROLITE Team on Jun 18th 2016

WHAT’S IN A NAME? (The saga behind the PROLITE APEX pickleball paddle.)The answer to the question is “apparently a lot”. But before we can explain the saga, we need to explain a bit about the USAPA … read more
PROLITE and Pickleball Paddle Innovation

PROLITE and Pickleball Paddle Innovation

Posted by PROLITE Team on May 21st 2016

Wow! Pickleball - what a sport. It's inexpensive, fun for all ages, can be played with a portable net in your driveway or on specifically designed courts, easy to learn and now, millions of folks c … read more

USAPA Nationals 2015-Competing and Vending

Posted by Neil Friedenberg, PROLITE Sports Owner/President on Nov 19th 2015

My first time playing in Nationals 2015 was a blast! I loved it! I loved the atmosphere, the camaraderie, the new friendships with players and even a few manufacturers….no trade secrets of course … read more

​One Way to Grow Pickleball

Posted by PROLITE Sports Team on Oct 22nd 2015

Neil Friedenberg, Owner of Pro-Lite Sports, spent every Wednesday last August teaching young kids ages 4-11, the sport of Pickleball. The enjoyment was instant, but even more noticeable was the enthu … read more